Both the Wildcat teams bested Hillsboro and La Salle, making way for the district meets

ARCHIVE PHOTO - Wilsonville Wildcats school logo Wilsonville—The last dual meets of the season took place at Wilsonville on Wednesday, May 2. The Wildcats welcomed Hillsboro and La Salle onto their home track and bested its league foes. Wilsonville boys team defeated Hillsboro 89-56, and defeated La Salle 96-49. The girls team bested La Salle 96-49, and Hillsboro 94-51.

The boys team took several top spots. Jacob Schain claimed first in the 400-meters race. The team swept the top three spots in the 800-meter race. Nicholas Whitaker was the first place finisher in both the 1,500 and 3,000 meter races. Freshman Payton Dart once again took the top spot in the 110-meters hurdles, and both relay teams took the gold.

The girls team took a clean sweep of the shot put, 1,500, and 3,000 top three places. Marisa Meyer took top spot in the 100-meter race and the long jump. Jillian Greene took first place in the 400-meters. Kellie Yoshida took first place in the triple jump.

Full varsity results below


100 meters

2. Reece Green—11.76 sec

4. Dane Collins—11.86 sec

5. Payton Dart—12.02 sec

200 meters

2. Dane Collins—23.47 sec

4. Kevin Burke—24.58 sec

400 meters

1. Jacob Schain—52.39 sec

3. Micah Ott—54.41 sec

5. Lucas Graves—56.96 sec

800 meters

1. Trevor Johnson—2:09.07 sec

2. Isaac Boger—2:10.91 sec

3. Sam Blohn—2:11.69 sec

1,500 meters

1. Nicholas Whitaker—4:11.95 sec

3. Jack Burns—4:20.10 sec

4. Jonathan Palmer—4:21.51 sec

3,000 meters

1. Nicholas Whitaker—9:16.30 sec

4. Andrew Worth—10:39.72 sec

5. Ben Sheirbon—10:40.62 sec

110-meters hurdles

1. Payton Dart—16.24 sec

7. Nick Grano—20.00 sec

300-meters hurdles

3. Josh Wolcott—47.37 sec

7. Nick Grano—51.23 sec

4x100-meters relay

1. D. Collins, K. Burke, P. Dart, R. Green—44.96 sec

4x400-meters relay

1. M. Ott, J. Schain, R. Green, D. Collins—3:31.39 sec

Shot Put

2. Mike Church—44'11.25"

3. Austin Kness—41'11.75"

5. Cole Douglas—39'8.5"


1. Nehemiah Barkley—142'4"

3. Austin Kness—121'4.5"

4. Jake Moore—115'6"


1. Mike Church—161'6"

2. Edwardo Guzman Carmona—141'8"

6. Erik Celis—110'7"

High Jump

5. Nate Overholt—5'8"

Pole Vault

3. Jonah Gomez—9'6"

6. Braxton Bowles—9'

7. Zach Gibson—8'6"

Long Jump

2. Nate Overholt—19'4.75"

3. Reece Green—18'6.25"

6. Braxton Bowles—17'8.5"

Triple Jump

4. Kyle Lam—35'10.5"

5. Braxton Bowles—35'

7. Cason Dougall—30'10"


100 meters

1. Marisa Meyer—13.25 sec

5. Katherine Banning—14.17 sec

200 meters

2. Haley Stahl—27.99 sec

6. Megan Allphin—29.97 sec

400 meters

1. Jillian Greene—1:02.67 sec

6. Keira McNamee—1:08.17 sec

7. Madison Koellermeier—1:10.46 sec

800 meters

1. Samantha Prusse—2:25.87 sec

3. Kate Stewart—2:33.39 sec

4. Riley Breshears—2:37.30 sec

1,500 meters

1. Samantha Prusse—4:56.75 sec

2. Sophia Somerscales—4:58.69 sec

3. Ava Stenstrom—5:04.88 sec

3,000 meters

1. Kaitlyn Dougall—11:21.94 sec

2. Angel Bohn—11:29.30 sec

3. Alexandra Saccante—11:50.00 sec

100-meters hurdles

3. Kylee Rusher—18.72 sec

6. Gabi Bean—20.60 sec

7. Kylie Aube—21.98 sec

300-meters hurdles

2. Kylee Rusher—53.72 sec

3. Katherine Banning—54.73 sec

5. Carly Shanklin—56.72 sec

4x100-meters relay

2. J. Greene, E. Scanlan, H. Stahl, M. Meyer—51.21 sec

4x400-meters relay

1. S. Prusse, J. Greene, K. Stewart, H. Stahl—4:17.33 sec

Shot Put

1. Maggie Woginrich—38'4.25"

2. Sierra Bishop—35'5.5"

3. Lauren LaFrenriere—32'8.5"


3. Maggie Woginrich—97'10.5"

4. Sierra Bishop—92'6"

7. Madison Schmitt—84'5"


3. Teagan McNamee—105'11"

4. Delaney Dougherty—103'10'

5. Rachel Cramer—103'1"

High Jump

3. Sydney Burns—4'10"

4. Kylee Rusher—4'8"

5. Keira McNamee—4'6"

Pole Vault

T2. Lauren Dahlberg—8'

5. Megan Allphin—7'6"

7. Haley Stahl—6'6"

Long Jump

1. Marisa Meyer—16'6"

7. Kellie Yoshida—14'2"

9. Lauren Dahlberg—12'0.5"

Triple Jump

1. Kellie Yoshida—32'0.5"

3. Marisa Meyer—30'11.5"

4. Sydney Burns—30'6"

Wilsonville's track and field teams will compete against the best in the Northwest Oregon Conference at the district meet on Thursday and Friday of this wee

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