There are numerous athletes heading to Hayward including 4x400 team after Milwaukie disqualification

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP PHOTO: DAVID BALL - Samantha Prusse leads a host of Wildcats in the 1,500 race to claim the gold. Prusse was among a host of athletes to claim a berth in the state meet at the NWOC District championships. Milwaukie—It was a successful end to the league season for the Wilsonville Wildcats track and field teams, but it was not without controversy. The Wildcats got a large number of athletes to qualify for the state meet at Hayward Field on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week. Among those athletes were the 4x400 relay team who very nearly did not make the cut.

As the final leg of the relay was rounding the track, the crowd erupted in cheers of, "You can't do that." Wilsonville's anchor Reece Green started the final lap about 10 meters back of Milwaukie's Juan Hernandez-Murray, but closed the margin coming down the straightaway. He moved over to lane 2 to attempt a pass with about 50 meters to go. Milwaukie's Hernandez-Murray sensed him coming, turned and looked, and apparently swung his arm wide to make contact and block Green's progress. He was able to maintain a half-stride lead through the finish line. Officials did end up disqualifying the Milwaukie relay for obstruction.

Other top performers for the boys team included freshman Payton Dart, who took first place in the 300-meter hurdles to qualify for the state meet. It was a close race though, and Dart had to work for it.

Sandy senior Tommy Stiles came of the turn with the lead in the 300-meter hurdles, but Wilsonville rookie Payton Dart put on a surge down the straightaway and caught him going over the last hurdle before leaning through the line for the win in a personal best 41.95 seconds — 0.01 hundredths ahead of Stiles.

"Once I hit those last three hurdles, I was going to give it all I had. I really had to drive my arms and pick up my knees," Dart said. "I wasn't sure if I could get him or not, but I stuck my chest out at the end and I think that's where I caught him."

Senior Nicholas Whitaker qualified in the 3,000-meter race with a season best time of 8:58.89 seconds, edging Parkrose's Ibrahim Hassan by less than two seconds. Hassan had bested Whitaker in the 1,500 by less than a second.

Mike Church took first place in the javelin, and it wasn't even close. Church threw the javelin 159 foot 10 inches to secure the top spot, four feet ahead of the next closest competitor. Church has been one of the top throwers for Wilsonville all year, routinely taking first in the jav and placing in the top three frequently for discus and shot put as well.

For the girls team, junior Emily Scanlan will be representing the Wildcats in two different events. Scanlan took first place in the 100-meter hurdles with a personal best time of 15.99 seconds.

"Going over the first hurdle it was neck and neck but after that I started to pull away and saw less and less people," Scanlan said. "It's a relief, and it's exhilarating — it's a great feeling to know you are closing in on a win."

She ran a hard-fought 300-meter hurdle final later in the day, coming off the turn as part of a four-person wall fighting for the win over the last three hurdles. Sandy's Adilynn Brotnov got the win in 48.94 seconds with Scanlan on her heels in second place 0.19 hundredths back. SPOKESMAN PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Emily Scanlan took first place in the 100-meter hurdles with a personal record 15.99 seconds.

Sophomore Samantha Prusse took first place in the 800-meter and 1,500-meter races.

Wilsonville flooded all three of its finalists to the front of the pack to start the 1,500-meter race, forming a wall that would regulate the pace through the first two laps.

"We sprinted that first 100 to get a good placement. We wanted the front to be all Wilsonville and try to block people out and force them to go around the outside," Wilsonville's Samantha Prusse said.

Eventually, La Salle Prep's Brigid Hanley found her way through the crowd and spent the late stages of the race with the lead. But Prusse was just buying her time before regaining the lead coming off the final turn. She sped away to win with a wide cushion in 4:56.75.

"I was just waiting for the girl to burn out — I saw the finish line and knew I had it from there," Prusse said.

It appeared that the 800 would be pivotal to the team chase coming into the meet, although Wilsonville had the team score well in hand by that point. Still, the race lived up to its billing with two Sandy runners and two Wilsonville runners making up the top four as the race headed into the bell lap. Prusse and Kate Stewart moved up to the 1-2 positions moving along the backstretch only to see Sandy's Isabella Kansala and Souvanny Carpenter push their way to the front at the beginning of the final turn.

Prusse made her move coming onto the straightaway, splitting between the two Sandy runners and surging into the lead in front of the grandstands. Kansala tried to match her stride, but remained just off the pace through the finish line. Prusse won in 2:24.58, while Stewart finished fifth.

Kayla Bolnick also qualified for the para state meet in the 100-meter, 400-meter, and shot put events, posting personal records in the shot put and 100-meter dash.

Jillian Greene took first place in the 400-meter dash, and Krista Herlin took second place in the 3,000 meter race. Senior Maggie Woginrich took first place in the shot put with a personal record of 40 feet 6 inches. Senior Marisa Meyer took first place in the long.

Full finals results are below:



7. Dane Collins—23.91 sec


3. Jacob Schain—52.35 sec PR


6. Trevor Johnson—2:03.36 sec PR

8. Hyrum Worth—2:10.59 sec


3. Nicholas Whitaker—4:11.15 sec SR

5. Jonathan Palmer—4:17.39 sec PR

8. Jack Burns—4:19.76 sec PR

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Nicholas Whitaker makes it to the state meet in the 3,000-meter race, besting Ibrahim Hassan by two seconds. 3,000 meters

1. Nicholas Whitaker—8:58.89 sec SR

4. Jonathan Palmer—9:13.81 sec PR 6. Jack Burns—9:31.96 sec PR

110-meter hurdles

5. Payton Dart—16.34 sec

300-meter hurdles

1. Payton Dart—41.95 sec PR

4x100-meters relay

6. P. Dart, K. Burke, D. Collins, R. Green—44.66 sec

4x400-meters relay

2. J. Schain, M. Ott, D. Collins, R. Green—3:31.32 sec

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP PHOTO: DAVID BALL - The 4x400-meter relay team got into the state meet after second place Milwaukie was disqualified for obstruction in the final leg of the race at the NWOC district meet.

Shot Put

6. Mike Church—45'1.5" PR

7. David Fukofuka—44'8.5" PR


6. Nehemiah Barkley—142'3"

9. Austin Kness—116'


1. Mike Church—159'10"

8. Jonah Gomez—129'8" PR

9. Edwardo Guzman Carmona—129'

Pole Vault

8. Jonah Gomez—10'

11. Brandon Matthews—9'

12. Braxton Bowles—9'



4. Marisa Meyer—13.14 sec

100-meter (wheelchair)

1. Kayla Bolnick—26.18 sec SR


5. Haley Stahl—27.67 sec


1. Jillian Greene—1:02.48 sec

400-meters (wheelchair)

1. Kayla Bolnick—1:41.96 sec


1. Samantha Prusse—2:24.58 sec PR

5. Kate Stewart—2:31.20 sec


1. Samantha Prusse—4:56.75 sec

3. Sophia Somerscales—5:00.01 sec

5. Ava Stenstrom—5:18.15 sec


2. Krista Herlin—10:53.06 sec PR

4. Kaitlyn Dougall—11:21.02 sec SR

6. Angel Bohn—11:40.40 sec

100-meters hurdles

1. Emily Scanlan—15.99 sec PR 8. Sierra Bishop—18.12 sec SR

300-meter hurdles

2. Emily Scanlan—49.13 sec PR

6. Katherine Banning—52.31 sec

4x100-meter relay

4. J. Greene, K. Yoshida, H. Stahl, M. Meyer—51.68 sec

4x400-meter relay

3. K. Stewart, H. Stahl, J. Greene, S. Prusse—4:17.77 sec

Shot Put

1. Maggie Woginrich—40'6" PR

3. Sierra Bishop—36'11" SR

Shot Put (Wheelchair)

1. Kayla Bolnick—9'2.5" PR


5. Maggie Woginrich—102'4" PR


3. Delaney Dougherty—113'5"

7. Teagan McNamee—99'7"

8. Kayla Hieb—98'9"

High Jump

3. Emily Scanlan—5'

T6. Ally Finkbeiner—4'8"

8. Kylee Rusher—4'8"

Pole Vault

3. Megan Allphin—8' PR

T4. Lauren Dahlberg—8'

6. Haley Stahl—7'6"

Long Jump

1. Marisa Meyer—16'11.75"

8. Kellie Yoshida—15'1" SR

Triple Jump

4. Marisa Meyer—33'3.5"

8. Kellie Yoshida—31'5"

9. Sydney Burns—31'4.25"

David Ball contributed to this story.

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