Lowrie Primary School

"What is your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving time?"

Ronak Kadam"My favorite Thanksgiving food is turkey. And mashed potatoes. My mom or my friend's mom cooks the turkey. For dessert, I get ice cream or popsicles."

— Ronak Kadam, first grade

Elijah Owens"My favorite food on Thanksgiving is pancakes. We have them at night. We have turkey at the same time."

— Elijah Owens, second grade

Lea Ruiz"I like to eat turkey at my friend's house. I like pumpkin pie for dessert, with whipped cream. Lots of whipped cream."

— Lea M. Ruiz, third grade

Makena Speer"My favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving time is turkey, corn and mashed potato with gravy on it. Usually, my mom and dad cook the dinner. My uncle is coming from Forest Grove."

— Makena Speer, fourth grade

Hunter Mooney"A big glob of potatoes with a bunch of gravy on it. And turkey. This year it will probably be my mom and dad and grandpa and grandma, at their house. They live in Tualatin, so it's nice and close."

— Hunter Mooney, fifth grade

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