SUBMITTED PHOTO - Brayden Arsenault gears up for a day of selling berries with his grandpa at Canby's First Friday Street Faire. Wilsonville Cub Scout Brayden Arsenault spent the majority of his summer in the same place — behind his berry and lemonade stand selling tasty treats to the Wilsonville community.

But unlike your typical neighborhood lemonade stand, 8-year-old Brayden’s place of business was unique. Not only were his berries handpicked from his grandparents’ field in Canby, but the proceeds from the stand went toward a worthy cause. SUBMITTED PHOTO - Brayden Arsenault poses with a car full of his completed welcome boxes.

Instead of keeping the money he made for himself, Brayden used all of his funds to create “welcome boxes” for local foster children through Embrace Oregon. Starting when school got out in early June, Brayden’s goal for the summer was to have 40 completed boxes by the end of the summer. Containing various toys and items to alleviate boredom and help foster children feel comfortable while they’re relocated to new homes, each box costs about $25 to assemble. Not only did Brayden surpass his 40-box goal, he more than doubled it, donating a total of 102 welcome boxes earlier this month.SUBMITTED PHOTO - Brayden Arsenault shows off one of his completed boxes. He donated 102 in total.

And as impressive of a feat as it is, Brayden says he’s not done, telling the Spokesman he plans to continue selling berries and making welcome boxes at least until he turns 12. In the meantime he can rest easy knowing he’s already made a major impact in the Wilsonville community.SUBMITTED PHOTO - Each welcome box contains an assortment of toys and other fun things foster children can enjoy while transitioning to new homes.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Brayden counts some of his hard-earned money while shopping for welcome box supplies.