Wilsonville High grad Danielle Lindamood debuts photography exhibit at Fred Meyer Starbucks

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Danielle Lindamood enjoys photographing nature and wildlife. She enjoys taking snapshots of animals at the Oregon Zoo, but also hopes to travel the world and capture wildlife in its natural habitat as well.Whether it's something as bold and fierce as an anxious lion, or as tame and docile as a carefree butterfly, Danielle Lindamood's goal as an artist is to shed light on the parts of nature that many people overlook during their hectic lives.

Currently a graphic design student at Portland Community College, Lindamood has continued her passions of photography and drawing since graduating from Wilsonville High School in 2013. Thanks to a little help from Wilsonville High Art Director Christopher Shotola-Hardt, she's now serving as the Wilsonville Fred Meyer Starbuck's Artist of the Month, displaying many of her works through the end of July.

Her featured work is predominately a collection of her favorite photographs, most of which are animals found in nature in Wilsonville and around the greater Portland metro area, but some examples of her graphic designs are included in the gallery as well.

"Photography is one of my favorite mediums to do just because I can take a camera with me anywhere and take pictures of whatever I see that sticks out," Lindamood says. "I like taking pictures of nature, animals, insects; things that are tiny and kind of overlooked by a lot of people."

While it's a dream of hers to travel the world and photograph wildlife in its natural habitat, she says she enjoys taking trips to the Oregon Zoo to photograph exotic creatures. She shoots larger, well-known animals like elephants and monkeys, but also enjoys photographing the animals and insects that go largely unnoticed.SUBMITTED PHOTO - Danielle Lindamood's goal in her photography is to capture nature and its beauty.

Lindamood often uses her photography in her graphic design work, creating book covers and logos among other projects, but she also paints and draws. She's currently working full-time while attending PCC, leaving little time for her artwork, but she says she never passes up on an opportunity to get out into the community with her camera. She says photography became a passion of hers in high school, where she gained the confidence to display her work to the public.

"Working in so many different mediums it can get — not necessarily confusing — but I'm always trying to figure out what area I want to focus on," Lindamood says. "Photography has become something I feel confident with. I like being able to take everyday objects and be able to put them in focus for other people to see. I've had people ask me where I took a photo because they think it's a great shot, and I'll say it's just right here in town. It's that kind of reaction I like, when people realize the beauty that exists all around them."

Lindamood says she's thrilled at the opportunity to share her work with the greater Wilsonville community — a chance she doesn't get very often — adding that she would like to move to Portland following school to be closer to the city's robust art scene. She also plans to continue photography and her work in graphic design into the future, and she credits Shotola-Hardt and her peers at Wilsonville High for giving her the courage to continue pursuing her artwork all this time.

More than anything, however, she hopes that people appreciate her artwork and can connect with the images she tries to capture.SUBMITTED PHOTO - Danielle Lindamood's goal in her photography is to capture nature and its beauty.

"My main reasoning of taking pictures of nature is that we live in a time when things are moving so quickly, and there's a lot of negativity in the world, that people forget to take the time to slow down and appreciate what's around them," she says. "Even if it's for a second, I want to give people that opportunity to stop and consider something that is beautiful. Just finding beauty in the simple things and helping people realize that every moment is timeless are things I hope my photography can do."

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SUBMITTED PHOTO - Danielle Lindamood's goal in her photography is to capture nature and its beauty, like this flamingo photographed at the Oregon Zoo.

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