West Linn High welcomes 14 new faces, more than any other school in the district

SUBMITTED PHOTO: KATHE MONROE - Teachers and staff new to the West Linn-Wilsonville School District met for a welcome breakfast at the administration building Thursday, Aug. 17.While state funding and the 2017-18 budget for the West Linn-Wilsonville School District looked somewhat murky as recently as this past spring, better-than-projected state revenue funding, money from Measure 98 and a generous donation from the West Linn-Wilsonville Education Foundation meant the district was able to hire 74 new teachers and district staff as of Aug. 21.

Between those new to the district, teachers replacing retirees and WL-WV teachers changing schools within the district, there will be many new faces walking the halls this school year. Here's a complete breakdown of who students can expect to see in their schools this coming year.

Bolton Primary:

Bolton Primary is the only WL-WV school with no new hires this year.

Arts and Technology High School:

Art Tech welcomes counselor Anna Roots and advanced math teacher Will Sappenfield to its team this year.

Athey Creek Middle School:

Three new faces will be walking Athey Creek's halls this coming school year, including choir and drama teacher Melissa Albert, art and drama teacher Amy Gretencort and special education teacher Christina Loun.

Boeckman Creek Primary:

Boeckman invites seven new teachers into its ranks for the 2017-18 school year. Jennifer Bruce will teach kindergarten, Katya Campos will teach preschool, Brandy Golston will teach music and Leslie Hoeckle will teach second grade. First-grade teacher Heather Magnuson, kindergarten teacher Annie Orchard and fifth-grade teacher Megan Osborn will also be new to Boeckman Creek this year.

Boones Ferry Primary

Kindergarten teacher Shelly Campbell, preschool teacher Mary Connors, second-grade teacher Joanna Douglas and special education Amanda Reab are all new to the school district.

Cedaroak Park Primary:

Leslie Gillis joins Cedaroak Park Primary's kindergarten ranks, meanwhile, while Hannah Hall will teach preschool and Hallie Stafford will teach first grade.

Lowrie Primary:

Lowrie Primary will start the school year with seven new teachers, including dual language first-grade teacher Juanita Aldama, dual language fourth-grade teacher Adriana Burrola and dual language fifth-grade teacher Rochelle Gutierrez-Taeubel. Moya Hines-Yates will teach first grade, Shelby McConville will teach kindergarten, Sarah Smith will teach fifth grade and Abelid Verri will teach dual language second grade.

Meridian Creek Middle School:

While all of Meridian Creek Middle School's teachers will be new to the first-year school, three are new to the district as well. Linda Chavez will serve as the teacher-librarian, Tyler Dube will teach PE/wellness and Sandi Mata will teach Spanish.

Rosemont Ridge Middle School

Rosemont Ridge Middle School welcomes counselor Alison Gemperle, PE/wellness teacher Tara Hiramatsu and art teacher Allison Schorr to its school.

Stafford Primary:

Stafford has added five new teachers, including third-grade teacher Amy Slaughter, special education teacher Heidi Guadagni, fifth-grade teacher Melissa Hall, preschool teacher Kristy Kamali and kindergarten teacher Courtney Roth.

Sunset/Trillium Creek primaries:

Both Sunset and Trillium Creek added three new teachers apiece for the 2017-18 school year. Sunset welcomes kindergarten teacher Mary Esterline, second-grade teacher Rebekah McSpadden and kindergarten teacher Kit Wilding, while Trillium Creek will enjoy the additions of special education teacher Susan England, dual language fifth-grade teacher Norma Torres-Alonso and special education teacher Emie Kirk.

West Linn High School:

West Linn High School has the most additions of any WL-WV school this year, with 11 total new faces. Language arts teacher Anna Crandall will be joined by Spanish teacher Melissa Eseppi, advanced math teacher Kenny Ewbank, language arts teacher Conor Greany, counselor Carly Halverson, advanced math teacher Molly Hurtado, language arts teacher Ian Lamont, choir teacher Aubrey Patterson, language arts teacher Lindsey Spadoni, counselor Krystal Toderick and language arts teacher Amarou Yoder.

Wilsonville High School:

Wilsonville High School's staff of teachers includes five new names in all. Lindsay Zolotoff will teach Spanish, followed by Spanish teacher Christian Canales Vanegas, Japanese teacher Shinobu Chrisman, social studies teacher Amy Rehwaldt and PE/wellness teacher Colton Sundquist.

Willamette Primary

Willamette has just two new teachers for the 2017-18 school year — including special education teacher Meghann Bunce and fourth-grade teacher Derek Porter.

Wood Middle School:

Wood Middle School now employs advanced math teacher Robert Arndt and counselor Erin Block.


Joshua Harrel and Mary Groh were hired this summer as district-wide school nurses, and Tiffany Daiber was also added as a speech language pathologist.


On the administration side, the district hired 11 new employees over the summer. Paul Hanson and Anya Hershberger and Trevor Menne were hired as assistant principals at West Linn High School, while Tate Olson was hired at Wilsonville High School as an assistant principal and Mayra Gomez was hired as the school's director of college and career readiness.

Annikke Olson will lead Meridian Creek Middle School as principal and will be joined by assistant principal Edgar Solares. Joey King was hired as assistant principal at Wood Middle School to join new principal Kelly Schmidt, and Jim Mangan will take over as principal at Trillium Creek Primary while Michelle Wilson will serve as principal at Sunset Primary.

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