First and foremost, Jeff Deeder's dedication to his students was relentless.

Jeff Deeder is revered at Wilsonville High School. He taught Advanced Placement Economics, coached golf and mentored students. When the news spread that he would no longer be teaching, many of his former students were shocked, including me. The rumor we heard was true: he had been put on a special assignment for two years. This means he won't be teaching one my favorite classes, AP Economics. Brandon Kyung

For many years, Deeder has been the favorite teacher of many. Known for being understanding and considerate, Deeder has made a name for himself at WHS and has become something of a legend. Students he has taught sometimes refer to him as "The GOAT" — an acronym for the greatest of all time. While he will hopefully return to teaching in two years, there will still be those who miss out on the experience of learning from the best. I hope this article can begin to show you why Deeder is a legend.

First and foremost, Deeder's dedication to his students was relentless. Even with several AP economics classes, he held after school review sessions leading up to the AP test. He went beyond the required material.

In every class, he strove to cultivate the ability to read critically in every one of his students. By assigning weekly articles to read, annotate and discuss, he honed the essential academic skills of his students. It is not often that a teacher can enhance these critical skills in his or her students, and at the same time, cover the required material of an AP course.

Room 112 had numerous discussions. Whether conversation was between the entire class, with a partner, or at a table group, the free exchange of ideas was prevalent in every lesson. Through Deeder's leadership, even introverted individuals felt comfortable enough to share ideas frequently. He created an environment of learning that brought the best out of everyone.

One moment that exemplies this was a discussion on the pros and cons of globalization in sixth period AP Economics. Everyone participated, either by sharing their ideas or being mentally engaged. It is rare to find a class where everyone is engaged, especially with a complicated subject like economics.

Beyond the classroom, Deeder left his mark on the student body of WHS. Often seen working school events or announcing baseball games, he was truly a favorite of the student population. Always friendly, relaxed and amicable, he was one of the most approachable teachers. In the summer, he held a reading group for his students. With a small extra credit incentive, he got a small group of students to commit to reading and discussing two books. That's right, he got high school students to read books during the summer.

At the end of the 2017 school year, my first year with Deeder was complete. And what an experience it was. Not every school is lucky enough to have an AP economics teacher with an economics degree who happens to be an exceptional person as well. His teaching presence will be missed by all at WHS. Deeder will forever be a legend in the classroom, and in the hearts of WHS students. To those of you devastated because you may never learn from "The GOAT," fear not. Every legend eventually returns to their roots. LeBron James returned to Cleveland, Odysseus to Greece and Deeder to the classrooms of WHS.

Brandon Kyung is a senior at Wilsonville High School.

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