The West Linn-Wilsonville School District welcomed a new face to the office last month

TIDINGS PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Lindsey Homan is passionate about the outdoors. She likes traveling in the states with her family.Working with people is what keeps Lindsey Homan's grin stretched wide. And apparently, it's contagious. Others are thrilled to have a receptionist at the formerly empty desk when they enter the West Linn-Wilsonville School District building.

"It's funny to see people's reactions because they're not used to seeing anybody there," said Homan, an Oregon City resident. "I get a lot of 'Are you always going to be here? You sit here now?' I'm like yes, yes I do. I will be here every time you come in."

Starting Oct. 6, Homan took a new position added by the school district as a human resources administrative assistant.

"This is a whole new school district; a whole new world for me, so I think just learning how the world of education works, all the moving pieces, and being in HR is interesting in itself," Homan said. "I'm just getting a really small taste of it right now. I'm learning all the different departments and what each department does for all of the schools and all of the staff and students; it's really interesting."

TIDINGS PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - The WL-WV School District welcomes Lindsey Homan to the district office as the human resources administrative assistant.Homan credits her previous job at OnPoint Community Credit Union in downtown Portland as being a stepping stone into her current position.

"I could get my foot in the door and really grow," Homan said. "I've known since college that I've always enjoyed the human resources world and it's something I kind of wanted to get into so this was a good starting point."

Her job includes multiple duties — meetings recorder for school board meetings and work sessions, receptionist for the school district and taking on tasks from the Department of Human Resources to help offset the

overload of that department.

Homan, 27, grew up in Fairview, near Gresham, and graduated from Eastern Oregon University with a bachelor's degree in business administration. And it was during her senior year that she started her job at OnPoint.

"Coming from working in a financial world, you learn a lot about people; it's an emotional topic, people's finances and money," Homan said. "You have people who can come in yelling at you for something that is not your fault, but learning to work with somebody and have them walk out the door with a different mindset or just happier in general, there's a lot of people that I've just helped in general. You can change somebody's life with one small thing (and) I think it was a very good experience. It helped me grow a lot as a person, coming right out of college."

When Homan isn't buried in work, she has her hands full at home. Most of her free time is dedicated to her five-month-old son, Hunter. Although that doesn't stop Homan and her family, including two pitbull mixes, Jade and Lexi, from venturing outdoors.

TIDINGS PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Lindsey Homan sits at the top of the stairs, the first face people see when they enter the school district office.
"We've driven up and down the coast lots of different times just to see the different lighthouses and the different beaches," said Homan, adding that the Columbia River Gorge is a peak interest, particularly Horsetail Falls because of the waterfall people can walk under. This is why she has never ventured far from home for too long.

"You can get everywhere; you can get to a mountain, a beach, desert land, all within a couple hours," Homan said. "Granted it rains here a lot, but I like the weather. Kind of year-round you can be doing things outside."

But as far as her current job goes, she is taking it in stride.

"This is such a new experience, I'm just trying to soak up everything I can," Homan said. "We'll see where it takes me."TIDINGS PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Lindsey Homan enjoys her job because she is able to work with people, something she loves.

Wilsonville Spokesman reporter Clara Howell can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 503-636-1281 ext: 112.

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