Ever since I was a child, I've loved watching movies, especially in the theater

SPOKESMAN FILE PHOTO - Tate EricsonEver since I was a child, I've loved watching movies, especially in the theater. But as life goes on, you start having to pay for things yourself. With this, the priority of seeing a movie in the theater went way down on my list, due to the ridiculous prices of tickets and concessions. This was a big disappointment to me because I believe the theater provides the best movie-watching experience. Then, I found something that let me enjoy all the movies I wanted: MoviePass. Before this discovery, I would only shell out ticket prices for the biggest blockbusters. But with MoviePass, I now see almost every movie in theaters, even if I'm just very slightly interested.

So now you're saying, what's MoviePass and how can I get in on this? It is a service that currently costs only $10 a month. It allows you to see a movie in the theater every calendar day, if you so wish. For the vast majority of people, this basically means unlimited movies. The process is simple. First, you order your MoviePass-branded MasterCard. Don't worry, it doesn't impact your credit and it's not a real credit card you can use for anything else. It's just a partnership.

Once it arrives, you connect your account to the app — available for both iPhone and Android — and you can check in to movies when you're within 100 yards of the theater. Then you go in, ask for your ticket, swipe the card and you're done. You can even use rewards programs like the one at the Regal Wilsonville Stadium 9 theater. It supports every theater I've been to, even when I was traveling out of state, but you can check on the app before purchasing to make sure your local theater is supported. It's really that easy.

My experience with MoviePass so far has been absolutely flawless. I received my card about two weeks ago and have seen three movies locally, as well as three in Tuscaloosa, Ala., on vacation. I have had zero hitches thus far and it's worked just as easily as if I was using my normal credit card. I've even been stacking Regal Crown Club points with it. My love of movies has finally returned to the classic movie theater instead of waiting many months for them to release digitally. It is a great thing to enjoy with friends and a great way to kill some time.

Now you're wondering, what are the cons? Well, although they are pretty minimal for the time being, there are a few. For one, it is pretty cloudy how they exactly plan to make money, but they've had some recent investors and key hires. For this reason, I think they are doing well for the time being, but we'll see if they survive the winter season unscathed. Recently, AMC has been having trouble with them, and has made MoviePass purchases incompatible with their Stubs rewards program. Good news for us, there are no AMC theaters nearby. Despite this, Twitter has confirmed they will continue accepting MoviePass in 2018, contrary to some rumblings. And, of course, there's the one movie a day limit, but that won't be a problem for most.

In my short month with MoviePass, I've enjoyed it a lot. For me, at least, it has almost no shortcomings. It has made me go back to the theater time and time again, even seeing movies more than once. For these reasons, I highly recommend it to any avid movie goer or cinephile.

Tate Ericson is a junior at Wilsonville High School.

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