Ben Buehler's fifth-grade class writes haikus as part of a class assignment before winter break

For Ben Buehler's fifth-grade class at Boones Ferry Primary, leading up to winter break meant working on winter-themed haikus — 17 syllables over three lines.

But the assignment had a twist. Buehler wanted the poems to incorporate a seasonal reference with a connection to the human emotional experience. Here are three examples of their work:

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Lucy Neron, 10, writes a haiku on the beauty of snowflakes. Winter Snowflakes

Lightly they hover

In the air for a second

Wet and cold: they glide

— Lucy Neron

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Arwin Slover, 10, chooses to do her haiku on snowflakes falling from the sky.Winter Wonderland

Look up at the sky

It's a winter wonderland

See the snowflakes fly

— Arwen Slover

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Brinley Fister, 10, focuses on snow in general for her haiku.Snow

Glistening white snow,

Silence. Everything is still,

Sparkling clear ice.

— Brinley Fister

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