This event really showed that high school students can be charitable and donate their money and time

SPOKESMAN FILE PHOTO  - Tate Ericson When you think of high school students, you don't think of them as generous donors. But at Wilsonville High School, think again. Recently, we had a series of fundraisers — Doernbecher Days — for Doernbecher Children's Hospital. I was quite surprised when we raised several thousand dollars. I expected to raise a small amount, but I was very wrong. High school students are much more generous than most people would think when it comes to fundraisers.

One part of the fundraiser was an assembly that kicked off with a fun staff video. We then learned if we raised a certain amount of money in a short amount of time, a teacher would shave off his or her hair. Mr. DeGiovanni was the volunteer for this fundraising opportunity. Several buckets were passed around to be filled with money. There were many students that I did not expect to donate, but they were constantly throwing cash into the bucket. It was pretty amazing! The students easily passed the goal during the assembly and DeGiovanni's head was shaved. This fun assembly is done every year to bring attention to the faculty versus student basketball tournament.

Another part of the fundraisers were the Doernbecher bracelets that were sold during our first period classes. This was run by the leadership class or ASB. The bracelets seemed very popular, though $1 each, they didn't bring in that much money. I bought a few and noticed that other kids seemed to buy them too. Most kids are not very generous, so it surprised me. Smaller amounts of money were raised for other fundraisers earlier in the year like the competition for Mr. Wildcat. The contenders for Mr. Wildcat had jugs which were filled up with coins or small bills, and the person who raised the most won an award.

To conclude the fundraisers, there was a carnival and faculty versus student basketball and kickball tournaments. The tournaments are tradition at WHS. Many teams enter and it can run for several hours. A lot of its popularity is due to social media. I saw many tweets and Instagram posts asking if people needed a team and wanted to join theirs. This generated a lot of attention for the event and I'm sure attracted even more teams to participate.

In conclusion, the Doernbecher Days event at WHS was a success. It was a lot of fun and made tons of money. This event really showed that high school students can be charitable and donate their money and time, which was very surprising to me. The next time you wonder if high school students will support a good cause, I hope you remember Doernbecher Days and all the money that was raised.

Tate Ericson is a junior at Wilsonville High School

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