CCC addresses electrician shortage, WL-WV School District welcomes back staff and more

CCC addresses lack of electricians

In an effort to tackle the electrician shortage, Clackamas Community College partnered with local businesses. The college recently formed the Northwest Willamette Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) with employers from Benchmade, Enoch Precision Machining and Blount International to offer a new apprenticeship program that will train apprentices how to repair, replace and maintain electrical systems. This fall, CCC will offer courses for apprentices where they will learn basic electricity and manufacturing. For those interested in joining the JATC as a training agent, contact Britany Ellerbrook at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 503-594-6175. Interested businesses are invited to an open house Sept. 13 from 3-6 p.m., at the Wilsonville Training Center, 29353 S.W. Town Center Loop E.

Welcome Back Breakfast honors staff

Staff members who have been in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District for 10, 20 or 30 years were honored Aug. 23 at the annual staff Welcome Back Breakfast. They were recognized by peers with flowers and standing ovations. Recognized teachers include:

10 years of service

Zach Nicol, Jule Holson, Liz Wainwright, Vernon Helberg, Lindy Sproul, Joyce Liden, Kevin Egan, Michelle Flagg, Benjamin Hsieh, Justine Lang, Grant Lemke, Lynette McMinn, Nicole Minor, Corinne Mosser, Margot Peek, Inga Rosenau, Thomas Schuster, Laurie Sepp, Annette Shoemaker, Kathleen Terner, Eric Viuhkola, Alejandro Deleo, Tyson Wahl, Trish Nelson, Sharon Erkson, Carol Hardman and Stephen Matthias.

20 years of service

Curtis Nelson, Nancy Bettineski, Vickie Lee, Debbie Kieling, Staci Ball, Greg Bean, Tonya Dailey, Dean Davis, Saskia Dresler, Sarah Hanthorn, Tiffany Kalihi, Graeme Sandell, Mary Teel, Tresa Davis and Christy Bray.

30 Years of Service

Debi Briggs-Crispin, Jim Hartmann, Christopher Shotola-Hardt and Justine Sutton.

Interested in volunteering?

Community members interested in volunteering in West Linn-Wilsonville schools can fill out an application on the district's website at — this includes a background check. First-time volunteers have to accept a volunteer agreement and volunteers must register every three years or when volunteering at a new school.

Volunteer coaches register through a different process and can contact the school's athletic director or principal for more information.

What's cooking in the nutrition department?

This year, the West Linn-Wilsonville Community Update Newsletter will release regular updates from the Nutrition Service Department — the "What's Cooking" section. The updates will provide families with cafeteria news and nutrition facts. The nutrition service's website will also post information relating to health and nutrition. Families can also sign up for the district's breakfast and lunch programs, or apply for Oregon's free and reduced lunch program at

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