Christopher Shotola-Hardt's artwork will be at the Blackfish Gallery until Oct. 27

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Christopher Shotola-Hardt's painting, 'Elegy.'Wilsonville art teacher Christopher Shotola-Hardt's passion for ornithology — the study of birds — is magnified through his paintings that will be on display at the Blackfish Gallery in Northwest Portland until Saturday, Oct. 27. Shotola-Hardt has 20 new works and a selection of older works that fit into the "Elegy for the Birds" exhibit.

SUBMITTED PHOTO  - Christopher Shotola-Hardt's piece, 'Biomes.'Shotola-Hardt portrays the birds in his paintings as vulnerable and fragile, and hopes to show emotion, memory and empathy through his fine artwork.

SUBMITTED PHOTO  - Christopher Shotola-Hardt's artwork titled 'St. Francis No. 2.'"I am deeply concerned for our planet's ecological health and future," he said in his artist statement. "Birds have always been indicator species for me — it is informative to track fluctuations in bird species populations, and changes in bird migrations and habitat ranges — signaling to humanity how we impact our world, how we affect the other beings who share this Earth, and how we endanger ourselves and future generations."

SUBMITTED PHOTO - 'My Kingdom for a Mountain' by Christopher Shotola-Hardt.While Shotola-Hardt is exhibiting his art in Portland, he secured a display space for current and former WHS students at the Starbucks in the Wilsonville Fred Meyer. SUBMITTED PHOTO - 'Taxidermy in the Trees' by Christopher Shotola-Hardt.

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