I get scared of missing important material, so I will suffer through the school day

SPOKESMAN FILE PHOTO - Alyson JohnstonGetting sick is never fun. Getting sick during the school year, though, is something that every student, and their GPA, dreads.

Sure, the idea of staying home from school sounds fun. But in reality, missing school can be a nightmare. When students miss in-class material, it can prove almost impossible to make up. Some activities done in class can't be made up, and most of the time, students don't know when those activities are coming. Therefore, it can be

pretty nerve-wracking coming back to school after you've been absent.

Having to choose between being miserable and suffering through the school day or staying home can be extremely stressful. I know that personally, as I have struggled with trying to decide between going to school or staying home when I'm sick.

Whenever I can, I try and make it to school even though I may be sick. I get scared of missing important material, so I will suffer through the school day in order to not miss anything. I would rather muddle through six and a half hours of school and get all of my work done, than have to be stressed about making up a bunch of work.

It's such a difficult situation to be in — students know that school doesn't pause for them when they miss class, but they also just want to be able to get better and not stress out about work they'll be missing. Even if they stay home to rest, though, they may be thinking about the work they'll need to make up once they get back.

That's not to say some students take advantage of being sick — it's common knowledge that "being sick" is the first excuse that students use when they want to stay home. I'm going to try and be optimistic, though, and say that the majority of students would ratherstay caught up on work and be at school.

At the beginning of this school year, I was pretty sick. Over the span of the first quarter, I missed six full days of school and portions of 15 other days for doctor's appointments or because I wasn't feeling well. It was so overwhelming, and I ended up having to rearrange my schedule early on in the year to accommodate how much school I'd be missing.

I think that our teachers handle situations like this very well. They were able to help me learn and understand missed material, get me all of my assignments and help me with any missing work. I was able to maintain my same GPA as last year and mostly keep on top of the work that I missed. Without the help of my teachers, there's no way I could've made it through the first quarter.

Being a high school student and being sick: the combination of the two can wreak havoc on a teenager's life. With teachers and friends who can help us make up work, however, students should rest up at home and not get anyone else at school sick. Your teachers will be there to help you with what you missed once you get back.

Alyson Johnston is a junior at Wilsonville High School.

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