Who killed Thanksgiving? I think the overall consumerism culture that we currently live in did

SPOKESMAN FILE PHOTO - Tate EricsonOn Dec.1 , my family and I set out to pick a Christmas tree. This is a common tradition for us because in my opinion, the holiday season starts on this day. However, when we arrived, the Christmas tree farm appeared to have been clear cut. I began to think and it really feels as if the holiday season begins earlier and earlier every year.

The day after Halloween, I awoke to a Twitter feed filled with jokes and memes saying, "Thanksgiving cancelled, Christmas starts now." It was funny, but when thinking upon previous years, it seems as if this idea had been subconsciously in peoples' heads for many seasons now. Even this year, when Thanksgiving break rolled around, I heard little about the holiday. Instead, I heard that we were getting closer to winter break and as a result, Christmas. I wonder what has happened to slowly make this shift over the years?

Think about it: Walking into a store such as Target or Walmart shortly after Halloween, I often find Christmas decorations littering the store already. Who killed Thanksgiving? I think the overall consumerism culture that we currently live in did. Christmas provides many opportunities to make sales for companies, whether it be gifts, decorations or wrapping paper. I believe that companies capitalize on this and start to plant the idea of the season coming quickly so that they can be the first to sell you your holiday goods. Even when Thanksgiving does come, many people are fixated on purchasing things during Black Friday, many purchases being specifically for Christmas. I don't necessarily see this as the worst thing in the world, but I definitely think that it is a fascinating phenomenon.

The holiday season is a good time for everybody, but I feel that over the years people become fixated on it far too soon. I guess what I have to say is don't get lost in the consumerism and enjoy the little things about these months, such as seeing far away relatives and spending time with your family. I hope everyone has a wonderful December!

Tate Ericson is a senior at Wilsonville High School.

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