It is crucial that people and news sources keep integrity in the information that is put out and spread

In today's media, I see a lot of bias and hypocrisy. Whether it be on the left or right, dealing purely in absolutes plagues our political environment. One day I hope that these barriers can be broken and news can be created that is not persuaded by outside influences, so that news can truly be unbiased and informative. I dream of a world where journalists write pieces that don't continue this common trend of being in an echo chamber. I believe that it is vital to our democracy for the general population to see multiple angles and viewpoints of issues, which will bring in new opportunities for compromise between varying parties.Ericson

During the 2016 election there was a lot of discussion of "fake news." This term was mostly used by Donald Trump and his campaign members. Because of his almost nonsensical use of the word it became almost a meme that I still see used today. However, I wish this could have become a constructive discussion on the obvious and damaging biases that today's media have. I believe that both the people and the newscasters have a responsibility in checking that the media being put out and read is factually correct and not overly affected by opinion. Obviously, news isn't always going to be completely without bias, but the amount of bias seen from stations like Fox News is completely ridiculous and can change the timeline of events in many people's heads.

As times and technologies change I think that it is crucial that people and news sources keep integrity in the information that is put out and spread. Lives and campaigns can be heavily affected by facts that are not actually facts, but just made out to be. I hope that as time goes on the amount of influence false information and bias puts on events can be dialed back significantly.

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