Students set records for number of submissions and awards due to donation towards entry fees from Charbonneau Art Festival

Students at Wilsonville High School received a school record-setting 139 regional Scholastic Awards this year for their art work.CONTRIBUTED  - Honour Colbys sculpture of wire and thread called Tower earned a gold key.

Students from WHS submitted more than 200 works of art to the regional Scholastic Awards, another record for the school. Until recently, the school would only submit 25 to 30 pieces each year. But thanks to a donation from the Charbonneau Art Society, which covered entry fees, WHS was able to enter a record number of pieces and earn a record number of recognitions.

According to WHS art teacher Christopher Shotola-Hardt, the Scholastic Awards have been around for nearly 100 years to encourage young people's interest in art.CONTRIBUTED  - Cole Eagless Giraffe Toy won a gold key in the mixed media category.

Over 7,000 pieces were submitted by students across the state, only 29 percent of which earned any accolades. Submissions could earn gold key awards, silver key awards or honorable mention. Seven percent of submissions in each category earned gold keys. Ten percent earned silver and 12 percent earned honorable mention.

Thirty-seven of WHS's 200 submissions earned gold key honors.

Junior Angelica Maldonado won a gold key award for an acrylic painting of her dog. When she submitted the piece, Maldonado did not expect to receive such a high honor.

"I was really happy of course," she said. "I didn't think I would get a gold key. I was hoping for an honorable mention because I've seen so many beautiful paintings that got honorable mention."

Nicola Krause, a senior, was equally surprised when her sculpture of foam and straw pieces earned a gold key.CONTRIBUTED  - Lucas Rusncacs acrylic painting Cats won a gold key.

Senior Honour Colby, who won two gold keys, entered just because "Ms. Escobar (WHS art teacher Angennette Escobar) thinks it's a good way to get your art out there and there aren't a ton of opportunities to do that."

Cole Eagles, a junior, earned gold keys for his sculptures "Giraffe Toy" and "Mind Garden," for which he was glad to be recognized.

Pieces that earned gold keys will be featured in an exhibition at Pacific Northwest College of Art Feb. 7.

Gold key honorees will go on to the national Scholastic Award competition, where they will be judged against works of art from across the country.

"In the arts, for young creative people, this is like our World Cup. This is like the World Series," Shotola-Hardt said of the national competition. "There is no bigger stage that recognizes creativity."CONTRIBUTED - Megan Maguire earned a gold key for her acrylic painting called Vultures.

The national Scholastic Award ceremony will be held in New York at the beginning of June.

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