Student columnist hopes a more careful and just college admissions process comes out of scandal

PMG FILE PHOTO - Tate Ericson is a senior at Wilsonville High SchoolAs many have heard, there's been a major scandal around admission to prestigious universities. Many wealthy families, a few notable celebrities included, paid for their children's admission to top 20 schools via a few different avenues. When I learned this, I felt shocked and saddened. As someone who just recently made it through the wringer of the college admssions process, I don't like seeing that some people just took the easy way out.

Federal agencies revealed March 12 that they were prosecuting a case involving 50 people regarding college admissions. Among these people were wealthy parents, their children, coaches, and college admissions counselors.

In some cases, the parents had been paying coaches to recommend their children for the college's team, even if the teen had never even played the sport before. Complicit test proctors had been paid to give teens extra time on standardized tests to accommodate for learning disabilities which they did not have. It's all very sad and scummy. In many cases, the teens weren't aware they were being let into the school "through the side door."

In my personal opinion, the actions taken by these parents are vile. I frequent a forum on Reddit called ApplyingToCollege and over the past few years I've seen these kids do anything and everything they can to be as high caliber of an applicant as possible. I myself am not interested in top 20 schools, but I can see why many would be. Many of these students have 4.2+ GPAs and perfect or near perfect test scores. Year after year, I see some of these people denied. People who could not possibly do any more. And, in their place, are students whose entry was paid for. Absolutely abhorrent.

What I hope comes out of this situation is a closer look at all students admitted to high caliber schools. It seems action has already been taken. USC has reportedly frozen the accounts of some students. I just can't begin to imagine being a parent and practically stealing a spot at a dream school from another kid who actually worked for it.

Work for your dreams, don't try to buy them.

Tate Erisson is a senior a Wilsonville High School.

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