Owners want a coffee shop atmosphere where you can enjoy a fine ale

by: JOSH KULLA - Jim and Erin Telles opened The Beer Station in Wilsonville in part to offer beer drinkers a coffee shop-style atmosphere to sample craft brews like this pint of Mazama Brewings Belgian Blonde. Have you ever wanted to experience the atmosphere of a coffee shop while imbibing one of Oregon’s fabled microbrews?

Well now you can, thanks to Wilsonville’s newest drinking establishment, The Beer Station, founded by beer lovers Jim and Erin Telles. Located on Main Street in the heart of the city, The Beer Station epitomizes the Pacific Northwest’s reputation as brewing nirvana by offering a continual rotation of small-batch ales and beers.

On any given day you’ll find a wide selection of styles from local companies like Rusty Truck Brewing of Lincoln City, Seven Brides Brewing of Silverton or Boneyard Beer of Bend. You’ll even find bigger names like Ninkasi, Widmer or Full Sail — provided the beer involved is a seasonal or otherwise limited release.

“We’re trying to bring in beers that you can’t get at your local grocery store,” said Erin Telles, who is a bartender by profession and definitely knows local preferences. “There’s a ton of great beers out there and not just from Oregon. We’re about the ones that are hard to find.”

The idea of a specialized beer store is not new. Think of Portland’s John’s Market or Belmont Station, with their massive selection of bottled beers as a model. Only add seating, a comfortable décor and you’re coming closer to The Beer Store.

“Some customers liken it to your favorite coffee shop,” Erin Telles said. “But you sit with a beer. And that’s exactly the environment we wanted to create for beer lovers to come. You can sit and relax, talk about beer, find out what’s new in the industry, trends in beer; it’s the kind of place to hang out.”

At the same time, the majority of the store’s sales to date consist of takeaway growlers and other sealable containers. Simply choose a favorite ale on tap and get some to go.

“We also have a lot of people who have a pint while they get their growler filled,” she added. “Or they try a pint and then buy a  JOSH KULLA - Erin Telles, a bartender by profession, pulls a pint at The Beer Station, Wilsonville's newest craft brewing emporium.

“It’s really worked out exactly as we kind of envisioned with the customer base and the welcome in the community. We hear, ‘We’re so happy you’re here,’ all the time.”

The idea for a beer store actually started with Jim Telles, a one-time homebrewing aficionado who now finds he does not have the time to indulge his favorite hobby — he’s too busy running a business.

“The idea was finalized by the beginning of this year,” he said.

The couple visited pubs, breweries, beer festivals — anything beer related they could think of — to get a grasp of the type of beer-related business they wanted to run. The process simplified things in the end; an ambition to run a brewery was shelved due to the startup costs and overhead. Instead, they would focus on quality and carve out their own market niche based on selling beer that was otherwise unavailable in the Portland suburbs.

“There are a lot of people out there who are tired of driving to the city,” Erin Telles said.

So far, the customer base is proving to be varied. With a wide selection of beers, that’s no surprise. Still, certain Oregon favorites tend to predominate.

“We have no staples at all, but we do bring back the popular ones,” Jim Telles said. “The IPAs (India pale ale) are the most often requested.”

In the future, the couple plans to add homebrewing equipment to the store — it’s one of the most common queries they receive. And they are toying with adding wine to the menu to compliment the hard cider already on tap.

There will also be themed events, like Irish Night, as well as beer tastings sponsored by the breweries that supply the store — tastings with Seven Brides Brewery and Gilgamesh Brewing of Salem.

“There are sports bars,” said Erin Telles. “And there’s a time and place for those, but sometimes you want something a little more specialized and a different environment. We started with a small collection and we’re growing as the business grows.”

The Beer Station is located at 8633 SW Main St., suite 400. For more information, call 503-577-6692 or visit

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